72" BLACK TIGER 3-Bladed Ground-Adjustable Metal Aviation Art Airplane Propeller Display

The Black Tiger is a fierce intense piece of art that will make all those who come in contact very envious. Custom created for the ultimate modern art piece.


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MATERIALS / 3 Authentic Airplane Aircraft Propeller Blades with 3-Bladed Hub and Cylinder. All parts are aluminum. They have been high polished and painted.

MANUFACTURER OF PARTS / McCauley | Modernized by Plane Pieces Inc

LENGTH / WEIGHT Each blade measures approximately 35 inches in length x 6 Inches in width. Total display has a diameter of approximately 72 inches. Weighs approximately 50 lbs.

OTHER INFO / Comes complete with Gloss Red Cylinder, Gloss Red Snap Rings, Steel Bolts, Black Hub and Set Screws so you can adjust blades and then hold blades in a Fix-Pitch Position (Does not come with anything else). Propeller is off a real flying airplane. All parts have been deemed unairworthy. This propeller is for display only. Perfect for your home, office, restaurant, bar, hangar, dorm room, garage, etc.


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