99" RAF SE5A Biplane Fighter Lang America 1917 US NAVY World War 1 Hispano Suiza 200 H.P. T28137 Wooden Airplane Propeller



After several months of extensive research and speaking to expert Bob Gardner from woodenpropeller.com we have determined this propeller is off a Scout Experimental SE5A manufactured by the Royal Air Factory.  It dates from the first few weeks Dashwood Lang arrived in America. 

Dashwood Lang was the owner of the British Lang Propeller Co. When the USA eventually entered WW1 in 1917, the USN asked HMG in September 1917 to send an expert to advise on propeller design and the massed production of props. They sent Lang. He formed the Lang Propeller Company of America and introduced a separate nomenclature for US prop drawing numbers. The prop carries British propeller data (T28137) and was most likely made in Britain and shipped to the United Stated where Lang would have applied the American decal.  Sometime between October to December 1917.  It is the only known example likely to survive.  It represents a major evolution in American naval aviation.


The Lang Propeller Company of America Inc. was established as a Manhattan corporation with a capital of $45,000, with Lang, L.L. Montant and E.N. Bush as Directors in August 1917. Dashwood Lang had just sold his UK company to the Sopwith Aircraft company and this was a new enterprise. The US Navy contracted Lang to supply them with propellers and paid for the construction of a factory at Whitestone on Long Island.

An extremely rare early 1917 World War 1 Wooden Airplane Propeller

Awesome Patina 

Made from gorgeous laminated Wood 

A repair was made at some point to a break on the left tip.

A section of the back hub is missing.

Authentic original Lang Propeller Company of America Inc Decal on Right Blade.

Marks include 200 H.P. | HISPANO SUIZA | LANG PROPELLER | NO. 293 | DIA. 2.514 | DRWG. NO. T28137

This propeller is being sold for display only. Perfect for your home, office, restaurant, bar, hangar, dorm room, garage, etc.

MEASUREMENTS/ Total length of propeller 99 inches. Weighs approximately 35 lbs.

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