The Altimeter WWII Airplane Radial Engine Piston Altitude Polished Desk Clock

Radial Engine Piston Desk Clock
(High Polished Edition)



Inspired by the Altimeters of World War II we have polished and etched a 1940's WWII Jacobs R-755 (or often called the L-4) radial engine airplane piston into beautiful desk clock.  The R-755 was used during World War II and powered airplanes including the Avro Anson, Cessna T-50, Avro Cadet, Anahuac Tauro, Cessna AT-17, Cessna 195, Funk F-23, Grumman Ag Cat, Kellett KD-1, Morane-Saulnier MS-505, Waco CG-15, Waco YKC, YKC-S, YKS-6, the Beechcraft Staggerwing and the Boeing Stearman 75 (PT-18) for the US Navy.

Piston has been polished to a gorgeous chrome like mirror finish

Altimeter detail has been etched right into piston.

Piston Measures 5 inches in Diameter X 3 Inches High

Quartz Clock Movement comes fully assembled on piston

Limited to 80 pieces worldwide (Hand Engraved on Bottom of Piston)

Machined at an angle for perfect viewing

Uses one AA Battery (not included)

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