WWII Boeing Stearman Radial Engine Piston Mirror Polished Wireless Charging Pad for Iphone 8 8s X Galaxy Smartphones / QI Devices

Radial Engine Piston Wireless Charging Pad
(Polished Edition)

With this radial engine piston (complete with Samsung wireless charging pad built in) you can charge your compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Iphone 8,8s, X Ten and other QI compatible devices without the need to plug your device into a wall charger or usb port.

(An IPhone 6s Plus is shown in photos with a QI wireless case. Works awesome!!)

This industrial modern art wireless charging pad was created using a 1940's WWII Jacobs R-755 (or often called the L-4) radial engine piston. The R-755 was used during World War II and powered airplanes including the Avro Anson, Cessna T-50, Avro Cadet, Anahuac Tauro, Cessna AT-17, Cessna 195, Funk F-23, Grumman Ag Cat, Kellett KD-1, Morane-Saulnier MS-505, Waco CG-15, Waco YKC, YKC-S, YKS-6, Boeing Stearman 75 and the Beechcraft Staggerwing

Piston has been polished to a mirror finish.

Piston Measures 5 inches in Diameter X 3 Inches High

Comes complete with a Samsung wireless charging pad and a 3 foot Micro USB cord.

Wall adapter not included ( we recommend using a 2.1 amp wall adapter)

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