J-Cobs Radial Airplane Engine WWII Flying Monkey Aviator Piston Desk Lamp (Metallic Edition)

the J-COBS (Metallic Edition)
(Named after the famous Jacobs Aircraft Engine Company)

This industrial modern art adjustable lamp was created using a 1940's Jacobs R-755 radial engine piston. The R-755 was used during World War II and powered airplanes including the Avro Anson, Cessna T-50, Waco, Boeing Stearman 75 and the Beechcraft Staggering

Piston has been satin polished and clear coated to a gorgeous metallic silver finish.

Lamp stands approximately 22 inches tall.

Comes complete with 6ft cord and 40 watt bulb.

Marked with Flying Monkey stamp for authenticity.

Limited to 100 Pieces ( Hand engraved (Numbered) on bottom).

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