100" Falcon SE-5090 Airplane Propeller Vintage Wooden Curtiss Flying Boat Liberty Engine

Manufacturer: Jameson Propeller Co.
Model Number: SE-5090
Date Sold:  May 16th, 2018
Sold on Ebay for: $800.00


Falcon propeller manufactured by the Jamestown Propeller Co. Model SE-5090.
Manufactured for the U.S. Navy Curtiss HS-1L flying boat.
Two of these propellers were used(one on top of the other) on a 400HP Liberty 12 engine mounted in a pusher configuration.

Was sold surplus in 1920(was never mounted on an engine) as the Navy phased out of service the HS-1L and HS-2L.

Tips are covered in fabric in addition to the copper sheathing. Propeller is mahogany and measures 8" 4".

Propeller was discovered at a relatives house in the basement wedged-up between the floor joists so there are some condition issues as depicted in the accompanying photo's. There is one gouge in the leading edge, some delamination at the hub, one small area of one tip that has been flattened to some degree(in photo), and various scuffs, scratches. Decal is still visible.
I have not attempted any restorative measures. The propeller is original.

*Information was supplied to me by the National Air and Space Museum archives

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