100" Curtiss OX-5 JN-4 Jenny WWI Toothpick Wooden Airplane Propeller by Southern Aircraft Company (High Point, NC)

Offered for sale is a rare and historically significant artifact from the Southern Aircraft Company, based in High Point, North Carolina - a wooden white oak airplane propeller designed for the Curtiss Jenny JN-4 aircraft during World War I and utilized by the US Army Signal Corps. Measuring 100 inches from tip to tip, with a hub width of 7 inches and a depth of 4 inches, this propeller bears markings that are somewhat difficult to decipher, but have been identified as including the Southern Aircraft Company name, a Signal Corps Serial Number, Curtiss OX-5, and a diameter of 8 feet 4 inches. Despite its age of over 105 years, the propeller remains in excellent condition, featuring partial Southern Aircraft Co. decal on one blade and minor wood filler applied for quick repairs during the war. The propeller's leading edges are particularly impressive, and it represents a valuable and authentic piece of aviation history, supported by a wealth of provenance. 

The Southern Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of the Giant Furniture Company, produced high-quality airplane propellers made from North Carolina hardwoods such as white oak during World War I. These propellers were used in various aircraft engines, including the Curtiss OX-5 engine for the Jenny JN4 airplane, as well as Gnome, Penguin, and Liberty engines.

With their expertise in working with wood, advanced equipment, and large facilities, the Southern Aircraft Company was able to produce propellers that were reliable and effective in the field.

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