102” 1920’s HAMILTON AERO Scimitar Curtiss OX-5 Engine Wooden Airplane Propeller

From the 1920’s comes this 102 inch Scimitar wooden propeller made by Hamilton Aero (before they became part of Hamilton Standard). Originally fitted to a Curtiss OX-5 engine. This propeller has seen it all including wood worms at some point ( gone now ).

The propeller's specifications are:

- Hub with 8 holes: 8 inches in width

- Hub holes: 3/8 inch in diameter, with the center hole measuring 2.690 inches across

- Distance from the center of one hub bolt hole to its opposite: 5.250 inches

Adding to its authenticity and detailing:

- Both blades bear the famous and rare Hamilton “Banana” Decals.

- The hub is marked with DES. H543RH and NO. 12610

- Original Leading edges

For aficionados and historians alike, this propeller is featured in the 1928 Hamilton Propeller Brochure (see photo). Despite some condition issues this propeller is very historic and hard to come by complete with leading edges and decals.

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