10FT+ Hamilton Aero Banana Milwaukee Wisconsin 1920's Wooden Airplane Propeller

This propeller is a MONSTER!!!  123-1/2 Inches (Over 10 Feet in Length)  

This is the first and only example of this propeller design we have ever come across.  Made by Hamilton Aero Manufacturing Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the 1920's.

This propeller was used on a Rupp Fastener. This was a quick release fastening created in 1917-1918 which enable props to be changed quickly on late WW1 aircraft.

Notice the holes on the hub don't go all the way through.  There are only 6 tapered holes on back of hub that would fasten onto the quick changing Rupp device.  

We have not been able to decipher what airplane it came off of.  This propeller is truly and exciting discovery.

(2) Amazing Hamilton Banana Decals

Awesome metal leading edges.

This propeller is very rare and very BIG!!

Check out all of the photos. (we compared it to a 75-1/2 inch F4U Hamilton Standard blade as a size reference)

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