15" Hartzell Liberty 1920's Generator Auxiliary Wooden Airplane Propeller

Manufacturer: Hartzell (Liberty Decal)
Model Number: Generator Propeller
Date Sold:  January 13th, 2017
Sold on Ebay for: $152.50

Hartzell began producing walnut propellers in 1917. This 15" wind driven propeller would have been attached to a generator that ran the planes electrical systems. It features dual decals with "LIBERTY" in large letters accross the center. This particular logo was used for only a short time, so we know that this propeller is an early one. Other distinguishing features include the number 3772 embossed on the rear and a 4 clover design stamped near the brass mount. The stamp would have read "USA 90" and you can make out most of it (see photos). 15 3/8" from end to end. about 2" thick. The condition is very good with some normal light surface marks or scuffs. 

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