1918 7ft Paragon Scimitar Wooden Wood Airplane Propeller Baltimore Maryland

Very unusual 7ft (84 inches) American Propeller Company Paragon 8-Hole Airplane Propeller from 1918-1919.  
This propeller was available in the Paragon January 1st, 1919 Price List.
These propellers are usually much larger and I have never seen one this size.
Great patina.  Some delaminations, but that can be fixed if you wanted to glue them down.
A piece has come off the left blade. 
2 Awesome original decals on back of propeller (another rarity I haven't seen)
This propeller will show very well on a wall.  The scimitar shape is fantastic.
Stamping on propeller include:  7 x 3.50 RIGHT HAND and 3089

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