1920's 4FT 6 Inches Bennett Airplane Propeller Morganton, NC for Heath Parasol Homebuilt Monoplane

This is the only one I have ever seen.  Almost 100 years old.

This propeller was made by the Bennett Propeller Company out of Morganton, NC in the late 1920's.  

Propeller measures 54 inches in Length (4FT 6 Inches)

(2) Original Decals ( 1 is not complete)

This propeller was made for the Heath Parasol homebuilt monoplane.

During the late 1920s and early 1930s it was the only airplane that could be constructed at home from a factory-built kit and be licensed by the FAA. The Heath was extremely popular, being economical to build and operate, and easy to fly.

Heath Parasol Specifications

Span 23 ft 0 in

Length (overall) 16 ft 9 in

Wing Area (incl ailerons) 94 sq ft

Height 5 ft 10 in Seats 1

Gross Weight 545 lb

Empty Weight 260 lb

Fuel 3.3 gal Oil 3 qt

High Speed 70 mph

Landing Speed 32 mph

Range 120 sm

Powerplant Henderson De Luxe (23 hp)

LNA-40 (Cont. A-40)

Propeller 4 ft 6" Diameter (Wood)

Wheels 20 x 2

Year of Introduction 1926

Price (Ready to Fly) $575

Notes: - Wings were Thomas Morse Scout lower wings. - Fuselage was riveted steel tubing braced with wire.


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