1930's 69" Flottorp Taylorcraft BT65 69L-44 Wooden Airplane Propeller

Unearth a piece of aviation history with this authentic late 1930's Flottorp wooden airplane propeller. Measuring 69 inches, it once powered the iconic Taylorcraft BT65, bearing original Flottorp decals and serial number 4816. With design number 69L-44, pitch characteristics code PC4, and type certificate TC 802, it's a testament to its era's craftsmanship and engineering.

Its rich patina narrates tales of skies conquered, adding a unique aesthetic appeal. The propeller's leading edges remain intact, preserving the elegance of its original form. This propeller, a manageable and stylish décor piece, is poised to bring character, conversation, and history to your home or office. Secure this rare find and let your space tell a story of the golden age of flight.

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