1940's 14FT Goodyear Super Corsair XF2G-1 3-Bladed Hamilton Standard 6491A-14 Complete Airplane Propeller

Complete 1940's 3-bladed Hamilton Standard (made under license by Nash Kelvinator) Goodyear Super Corsair XF2G-1 early experimental propeller (since most of these propellers were 4-bladed its very possible this was used on the BuNo 14091-XF2G-1)

In March of 1944, Pratt & Whitney requested a F4U-1 Corsair from Vought Aircraft
for evaluation of their new P&W R-4360,28 cylinder engine. Vought transferred F4U-1,
BuNo 02460 (Birdcage Canopy) to see if the airframe and engine were compatible.
The tests proved successful and Goodyear Aircraft of Akron, Ohio was given the
F2G program. (Source: N. Veronico "F4U Corsair" - B. Kinzey "F4U Corsair Vol.1

This propeller has been around.  From WWII Corsairs to being used in the wind tunnels at Kaman Aircraft Helicopters.  

Propeller blades have been sandblasted and sanded to a 180 finish.  

Parts have been cleaned as best as possible.

Measuring 14 feet in diameter this propeller is bigger then the F4U Corsair propeller and can be considered the largest propeller ever made for a fighter plane.

Blades Dwg No: 6491A-14 (80 1/2 inches tall)

MFG.No NK(Nash Kelvinator)

Consecutive Serial Numbers: 

Blade 1 - NKAY4406

Blade 2 - NKAY4407

Blade 3 - NKAY4408

Shank 56155

Comes with everything you see in photos (there may be some small piece missing, but since I am not an airplane propeller mechanic I cannot tell).  

Comes complete with 500+ Page Erection and Maintenance Instructions

A rare opportunity to own a possible one of a kind propeller 

Blades will be cleaned of all dirt and grease before shipping.

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