1940's NOS WWII Sensenich 86" Fairchild PT19 PT26 Wooden Airplane Propeller

Step into history with this pristine 1940s Sensenich Wooden Airplane Propeller. It's a shining example of World War II craftsmanship, featuring the prestigious design number 43K15131, akin to the civilian model, the 86RA61.

Despite originating from an era of gallant warriors and daring aviation, this propeller remains 'new old stock'. It's never been airborne, preserved impeccably to tell tales of its yesteryears.

Designed for the legendary Fairchild PT19 and PT26, this substantial piece measures 86 inches in length, 9-1/8 inches in width, and 6 inches in depth. Its aesthetics are further enriched by two exquisite Sensenich Brothers Early Large Decals.

In essence, this propeller is not just a collector's piece but a beautifully preserved artifact from the Golden Age of Aviation, ready to grace its new setting with its historical charm.

Propeller is being sold as un-airworthy (could be airworthy).  A great prop for your home, office, mancave, restaurant, etc.


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