1944 Sensenich 76RM44 Piper J-5C Cub Cruiser Wooden Airplane Propeller

Attention aviation enthusiasts and vintage collectors: We are pleased to present a remarkable piece from the annals of aviation history, a Sensenich wooden propeller from 1944. Distinctly, this propeller model was crafted exclusively for the Piper J-5C variant, a noteworthy evolution powered by the robust 100hp Lycoming O-235-B engine. Such specificity lends this piece an unparalleled prominence in the lineage of Piper aircraft.

The Piper J-5C stands out in aviation lore as a sophisticated successor to the J-3 Cub. With an enhanced design, the pilot enjoys a commanding position at the front, while the spacious rear comfortably accommodates two passengers, encapsulating an era's dedication to both function and comfort.

The craftsmanship of this propeller remains commendable even after 80 years. One of its standout features includes the immaculate Sensenich Piper Decals, which remain flawless and serve as a testament to its pristine condition. Complementing the propeller, the spinner boasts a retro charm with its chrome powder coat, showcasing minor wear marks that narrate its storied past.

- 76 Inches in Length
- 6-1/2 Inches Wide
- Center Hole is 2-1/8 Inches
- Weighs 14 lbs. with Spinner Attached

Additionally, this propeller comes complete with the necessary accompanying accessories: a chrome spinner, bolts, washers, bulkhead, spinner support, and screws. As you peruse the accompanying photographs, you'll gain an appreciation for its intricate design and impeccable maintenance.

It's worth noting that this propeller is being offered as un-airworthy. While it serves as a magnificent decorative piece for various establishments or collections, those considering aviation use should ensure proper inspections and certifications.

A great prop for your home, office, mancave, restaurant, etc.


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