2-Bladed McCauley Brushed Aluminum Airplane Propeller Wall Display

Authentic McCauley aluminum metal airplane propeller blades with 2-bladed hub and 3 inch cylinder.

Propeller blades and hub have been given a beautiful brushed aluminum finish.

Cylinder and Snap Rings have been chrome powder-coated.

Comes complete with (2) Blades, Hub, Cylinder & Screws, Snap Rings and Set Screws.  Does not come with anything else.

Blades are held in place using set screws.

Propeller is 75 inches tall.  

Bottom of hub to top of cylinder is 10 inches.

Each blade measures approximately 36" in length and 6" wide.

Can easily be mounted to a wall using a single lag bolt. 

Blade is off a real flying airplane.  Has been deemed unairworthy and is for display only.

Perfect for your home, office, restaurant, bar, hangar, dorm room, garage, etc.

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