36" Custom 1929 Powder Puff Derby All Women Race Santa Monica, CA Airplane Propeller Trophy Blade

Once flying thousands of feet in the air, this authentic propeller blade has been painted and etched into a custom Air Racing Blade in the theme of the 1929 All Women Powder Puff Derby held in Santa Monica, California.

The 1929 Powder Puff Derby was the first official all women-only air race in the United States.  The race featured 20 female pilots that included:

Florence "Pancho" Lowe Barnes
Marvel Crosson
Amelia Earhart (Came in 3rd Place in the Heavy Class Race)
Ruth Elder
Claire Mae Fahy
Edith Foltz
Mary Haizlip
Jessie Miller, an Australian
Opal Kunz
Mary von Mach
Ruth Nichols
Blanche W. Noyes
Gladys O’Donnell
Phoebe Omlie (Winner of the Light  Class Race)
Neva Paris
Margaret Perry
Thea Rasche, a German
Louise Thaden (Winner of the Heavy Class Race)
Evelyn "Bobbi" Trout
Vera Dawn Walker

Measuring approximately 36 inches tall and 7 inches wide, this aluminum blade is the perfect size for displaying.

Blade has been painted in black with a Red tip.

Checkered Flag and Logo has been etched into blade.

Back of blade is solid black.

Absolutely gorgeous!

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