45" Camfield Compreg 1940's Wooden Airplane Propeller Blade

Manufacturer: Camfield
Model Number: Generator Propeller
Date Sold:  February 21st, 2017
Sold on Ebay for: $369.99

This Camfield laminated compressed (compreg) wood propeller was made in 1942 when metals for propellers were in shortage. This blade was part of a 4 blade set made for large multi engine airplanes. The process as I understand it included either maple or rosewood which was laminated and infused in a plastic resin under pressure. This gave the propeller durability and would help prevent shattering or shredding. I believe that during testing and use it was found that stones thrown up from the runway would damage the blades. In the end these were given up when metals became more available. I believe most if not all were stamped rejected. This is a rare propeller blade.I always thought it would make a great desk or table if it was bolted to a hub or stand and maybe even to a wall. By itself it is a collectors item. The propeller is 13 inches wide by 45 inches tall.

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