70" 1940s GB Lewis Co Aeronca Piper Luscombe Wooden Airplane Propeller

Dive into the romantic era of aviation with this authentic GB Lewis Co. propeller, straight out of the 1940s. Known for their unrivaled craftsmanship and innovation, GB Lewis Co. set the gold standard in the aviation world. This propeller isn't just a testament to their mastery; it has also been part of adventures with an impressive array of aircraft, such as the Aeronca Chief, Aeronca Champion, Ercoupe 415C, Porterfield CP65, Taylorcraft BC, BC12, BCT, DC, Luscombe 8C, 8D, Silvaire, Piper J4E coupe, Porterfield 75C, and the Rearwin Skyranger 175.


  • Length: 70 inches Long X 6-1/8 inches Wide X 3-1/4 inches deep
  • Hub: 6 Holes - 3/8 Inch Bolt Holes - 2-1/8 Inch Center Hole - 4-3/8 Inches from Center of Bolt Hole to opposite Center of Bolt Hole.
  • Material: Wooden body with metal leading edges.
  • Decals: Vintage decals on each blade.
  • Stamped on Hub: "G.B. Lewis Co. Ser. 7251 Des. L11C-43."

Its rich wooden finish, complemented by vintage decals on each blade, showcases the unparalleled beauty of aviation artifacts from a bygone era. Perfect for aviation enthusiasts looking to add to their collection, interior decorators seeking that unique vintage touch, or history buffs who appreciate artifacts with a rich backstory. Whether gracing your home, office, or personal collection, this propeller promises to be an attention-grabbing centerpiece. Secure this tangible piece of aviation history today!

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