72” 1918 Paragon 6FT Scimitar Wooden Wood Antique Airplane Propeller

From 1918-1919, this exquisite 6-foot Paragon Scimitar wooden airplane propeller stands as a testament to the renowned craftsmanship of the American Propeller and Manufacturing Company, based in Baltimore, MD. What makes this particular piece so remarkable is its rarity; most propellers from this epoch exceeded 100 inches, tailored to fit iconic World War 1 aircraft like the renowned Curtiss Jenny.

The propeller's specifications are:

- Widest Blade point: 7-7/8 inches

- Hub with 8 holes: 6-3/8 inches in width

- Hub holes: 3/8 inch in diameter, with the center hole measuring 2 inches across

- Distance from the center of one hub bolt hole to its opposite: 4-3/4 inches

- Depth of the propeller: 3-3/4 inches

Adding to its authenticity and detailing:

- Both blades bear the Paragon propeller logo decals.

- The hub is marked with "6-0 X 566 RIGHT HAND."

- A distinct serial number, 31270, is stamped alongside the Paragon logo and the designation "Inspector No.1."

- The propeller boasts 4 laminations.

For aficionados and historians alike, this propeller is featured in the Paragon price list dated January 1st, 1919. Despite one of its blades being separated, the propeller remains in commendable condition, especially considering its impressive age of 105 years.

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