72" Sensenich 72GK-50 Aeronca Piper Cub Taylorcraft Wooden Airplane Propeller

Manufacturer: Sensenich
Model Number: 72GK-50
Date Sold:  January 11th, 2017
Sold on Ebay for: $1,025.00

I have a new Sensenich wooden prop that has never been mounted on a plane. The back needs to be cleaned, but it's an airworthy 72GK-50 that has always been stored inside since purchased from Sensenich. It's unmarked and ready to be flown.

It fits the following aircraft:

Aeronca 7BCM, 11BC Continental C 85/85
Aeronca 7EC, 7CCM Continental C 90/90
Champion 7E C Continental C 90/90
Luscombe 8E Continental C 85/85
Luscombe 8F Continental C 90/90
Piper PA-11, PA-18 Continental C 90/90
Taylorcraft BC12D85, BC12D485 Continental C 85/85

I listed this on an Antique Aircraft Parts Site and got some of the stupidest comments I have ever seen! So to prevent any such comments: No, it has not been stored standing up, it's that way for the pictures. No, it doesn't have any cracks, chips, gouges or dead bird strikes on it. No, a wooden prop is NOT just suitable to hang over a fireplace. Yes, airplanes were sold for years with wooden props. Yes, thousands of planes today are still flying with the original prop that they left the factory with. And yes, wood props are expensive, but this one isn't.

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