76" WWII Interstate L-6 Grasshopper US Propellers Inc Wooden Airplane Propeller

Authentic WWII Interstate L-6 "Grasshopper" Wooden Propeller by US Propellers Inc.

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of aviation with this incredible condition, vintage WWII wooden propeller, originally designed for the revered Interstate L-6 "Grasshopper." A true collector's piece, this propeller is a testament to the ingenuity and spirit of 1940s American aircraft design.

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: US Propellers Inc., Los Angeles, California
  • Condition: Unused surplus in excellent condition, without original engravings or decals.  Some varnish has come off.
  • Material: Birch wood with metal-edged tips
  • Dimensions: Width - 9 3/4", Height - 76 1/8", Depth - 4 1/4", Weight - 14 lbs


  • Laminations: 5 layers of high-quality birch, known for its strength and resilience
  • Aesthetics: Features original brown painted tips and a flared hub, showcasing a mesmerizing wood grain and a high-quality finish
  • Stampings: '10138'  and '84' on the backside of the hub
  • Compatibility: Designed for the Franklin XO-200 engine with 8 bolt holes
  • Historical Era: Produced in the 1941-42 timeframe

The Interstate L-6 "Grasshopper": An Icon of WWII Aviation

The L-6 "Grasshopper" is a military treasure, crafted by Interstate Aircraft and Engineering Corporation for the U.S. Army Air Forces. Although only 259 units were built, making it a rare find, it served crucial roles during its time — from transport and liaison to training exercises.

This propeller is not just an artifact; it's a slice of history from a time when aviation was rapidly evolving. It witnessed the United States' bold entrance into World War II and represents the final chapter of the “O” designation in military aircraft.

Display with Pride

Whether showcased in your home, office, hangar, or added to a private collection, this propeller serves as a focal point of conversation and admiration. It's an incredible gift for historians, aviation enthusiasts, or veterans who hold the era close to their hearts.

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