Lycoming O-290 | O-435 Bell 47 M22 Locust Tank Raw Engine Piston Photo Frame

1940'S O-290 | O-435 Engine
Piston Photo Frame


This industrial modern art desk clock was created using an authentic 1940's Lycoming O-290 | O-435 Engine Piston (model 65661)

This family of engines was first developed in the late 1930's and powered a wide range of aircraft and the WWII M22 Locust Tank

O-435 Engine 

Aero Commander 500
AISA I-115
Bell 47 Helicopter
Beechcraft Bonanza
Bellanca Cruisemaster
Boisavia Mercurey
D'Apuzzo Senior Aero Sport
de Havilland Canada Super Chipmunk
Fleetwings BQ-2
Fleetwings PQ-12
Fokker F.25
Fokker S-11
Helio Courier
H-13 Sioux
Interstate TDR
Jeffair Barracuda
Karhumäki Karhu
Kawasaki KH-4
L-5 Sentinel
Miles Aerovan
OH-23 Raven
Piaggio P.148
Piaggio P.149
Pilatus P-4
Ra-Son Warrior
Ryan Navion
Saab 91 Safir
Stinson 108
St Croix Sopwith Triplane
UTVA Aero 3
Vertical Hummingbird

O-290 Engine

Adkisson SJ-1 Head Skinner
Aero Commander 100
Aquaflight Aqua I
Aydlett A-1
Chrislea Super Ace
Falconar F11 Sporty
Firestone XR-9
Flying K Sky Raider
Grumman Kitten
Isaacs Fury Mk 1
Mustang Aeronautics Midget Mustang
Pazmany PL-1
Pazmany PL-2
Piper PA-12
Piper PA-18 Super Cub
Piper PA-20 Pacer
Piper PA-22 TriPacer
Rogers Sportaire
Seibel S-4
Smyth Sidewinder
Stolp Starduster
Thorp T-18
Toyo T-T.10
VanGrunsven RV-1
Van Lith VI
Van's Aircraft RV-3
Warner Revolution II
Warner Sportster
Williams-Cangie WC-1 Sundancer

Piston has been blasted to bare metal.

Piston Measures 5 inches in Diameter X 3-1/4 Inches Deep

Photo Frame Measures 4-1/2 Inches

Weighs just over 2 LBS

Machined angle for your viewing pleasure

Simply trace your favorite photo with supplied frame cover, cut out your 4 1/2" round photo, place photo in piston slot and cover photo up with frame cover.

These pistons have been air kissed and may have pitting and war scars. They truly show their authenticity! We only sell the real deal!

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