Rough Landing - 3-Bladed Crash Landing Airplane Propeller Runway Strike Sculpture

This sculpture is a one of a kind created using an authentic propeller off a Cessna 402 series airplane severely damaged during a runway landing.  Blades have been sanded down to a smooth finish eliminated all jagged edges caused by crash.

Sculpture consists of 3 aluminum airplane propeller blades along with a 3-bladed hub and 5 inch cylinder.

Entire propeller (except for back of hub, where you would mount propeller) has been painted Matte Black.

Comes complete with cylinder, snap rings, cylinder screws and set screws to hold blades in position.
(Does not come with anything else).

Total Prop has a diameter of 60". 

This is an amazing conversation piece and a true head turner.

Stand is not included.

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