72" G.B. Lewis Continental A-65 Piper Aeronca Taylorcraft Wooden Airplane Propeller

Manufacturer: G.B. Lewis
Model Number: L11B-40
Date Sold:  February 5th, 2017
Sold on Ebay for: $875.00
A Beautiful and Rare 1940's G. B. Lewis display propeller from Watertown, Wisconsin for the Continental A65 engine in Very Nice Condition.

This wonderful propeller features 5 laminations of Birch, Blue fabric tips, nice metal edges, original decals, extensive engravings, beautiful wood grain and finish. The 6 bolt holes match the Continental A65 engine (air-cooled 4 cylinder making 65HP). The model number shows usage on the Luscombe, Taylorcraft, Aeronca and Piper aircraft.

Engravings: G. B. LEWIS CO. SER. 5229 DES. L 11 B - 40 H.P. 65 R.P.M. 2350 A.T.C. 788

Condition: Very nice for a flown 70+ year old propeller. Mint condition fabric, Nice original decals with some wear, good metal edges (minor bend in one tip), no rot, very minor delamination, Nice finish with a few scratches, no chips or damage, nice patina. This propeller displays beautifully.

Dimensions: Length 72" Hub Width 6" Hub thickness 3 3/8"

The aircraft pictured is a 1940's vintage Piper J-3 "Cub" with the Continental A-65 engine.

A Wonderful Propeller for your Home, Office, Hangar or Collection. This would make an Excellent Gift!

Non- Airworthy!

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