76" US Propeller 76FGS64 Interstate L-6 Grasshopper Wooden Airplane Propeller

Manufacturer: US Propellers of Los Angeles
Model Number: 76FGS64
Date Sold:  January 24th, 2017
Sold on Ebay for: $850.00

I’m in the process of reducing my 30+ year collection of military aviation pieces, and have this original WWII era wooden propeller up for sale.

Manufactured by US Propellers Inc of Los Angeles, CA, stamped markings indicate it was originally slated to be used by the Army (USAAF / AAF) Interstate L-6 (L-6A) Grasshopper liaison aircraft equipped with the Kinner No. 8031 hub.

Measuring 76” from tip-to-tip, the prop features an eight hole hub, and if I’m reading my measurements correctly, appears to have a 3 1/4" bore and eight 7/16” diameter bolts on a 5 1/4" diameter bolt circle.

Stamped specification markings read:

DES - 76FGS64 (76 = propeller diameter in inches)
SER - 10058 (or 59)
RPM - 2200
HP - 115
TC - 787

In overall great shape, it still retains the original copper clad leading edges. As noted in the photos, there is an area of splitting towards the end of one blade, and some dings to the trailing edge … looks like it has had some genuine flight time!

In the original as-removed condition, it has never been converted to a clock, and would make an outstanding wall hanger … it even comes with a custom rear hidden hub for mounting over your bar, aviation room, or man-cave!

The propeller is being sold as-is with no assumption of airworthiness, and would have to be inspected and certified before use.

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